What is Scholomance?

The Scholomance is a school that began in the heart of the mountains, and where all the secrets of nature, the language of animals, and all kind of magic spells and charms are taught to the disciples.

The Scholomance is a legendary and mystical institution steeped in folklore, mythology, and occultism.

Its origins are deeply rooted in Eastern European and Transylvanian legends, often associated with Dracula and the Carpathian Mountains.

While various versions of the Scholomance myth exist, they all share common themes of supernatural education, dark magic, and a pact with supernatural forces.

Before Christianity, they were seen as benevolent forces, but Christians defamed the Solomonari as devil-worshipers, while in reality they originated as pre-Christian pagan priests: they worshiped the pre-christian god Zalmoxis, whose power they are able to wield.

The Scholomance is often said to be active during specific astrological or cosmic events, such as solar and lunar eclipses; during these times, the school would open its doors, and those who wished to learn its secrets could enter and gain access to its dark knowledge.

What Scholomance isn’t?

Scholomance is not a satanic school!!!
All over time, writers and novelists used this cult to create heroes for horror stories, altering the truth, and also the christian church hid, and distorted all available information.

What is a Scholomancer?

The scholomancers are people with unusual powers, that can call the rain, talk to the nature, and read the stars.

What a Scholomancer isn’t?

Scholomancers were not ginger men or giants, but mere people born in the mountains of Dacia, and taught the secrets of nature.

They also were not devil’s worshipers, as they believe in Zalmoxis, and not in the christian god.


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