Channeling is a metaphysical practice in which an individual serves as a conduit or vessel for receiving and transmitting information, energy, or guidance from higher realms, spiritual beings, or one’s own higher self.
It involves allowing external or internal energies to flow through and communicate messages, insights, or healing to the individual or others.
Channeling can take various forms, including verbal communication, automatic writing, artistic expression, and more.
A person can bio-energetically absorb and manipulate ambient energy. They are able to project their own natural energy outward to draw power/absorb from any energy source, enhancing themselves in the process and even redirecting the energy for any purpose.
Channeling from external sources facilitates the user from absorbing different energies with no ill effects, converting it may be an energetic resource or sustenance.
The practitioner can also manipulate energy without physical contact.
Energy practitioners believe that your body is instilled with a subtle energy — or animating life force — the flow of which must be balanced for good health — in traditional Chinese medicine, this force is called (or ).


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